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Lisa – Northumberland Heath

I would highly recommend Peter Harman as a driving instructor; it only took me 4 months to pass my test 1st time. I also took my pass plus which was extremely helpful. Peter was always very calm, courteous and professional, he always made me feel at ease even when I made mistakes! Peter always provided constructive criticism, which I found very beneficial.

Sidali - Charlton

I have taken driving lessons in 3 different countries, most of them were based in the UK, and by any standards, The lessons I have taken with Peter were simply the best.

With Peter, not only would you learn to drive and build your confidence but you will always have an interesting discussion with the most diverse and multicultural person you may possibly meet and believe me, it makes the lessons a lot more fun.
Combining his Professionalism, knowledge and his experience, I would suggest no other driving instructor than Peter.

2 minor faults on your first driving test - It doesn't get much better than that.

Alison - Barnehurst

I had taken four driving tests with two different instructors and each time failed for something different. I was at my wits end. A friend who had passed her test first time recommended Peter so I phoned him booked a lesson and within two months passed my test. I was so happy and relieved, I thought I would never pass but Peter made me feel so confident about my driving. I would recommend Peter as a driving instructor he is so friendly and really helps you to relax which made the lessons much more fun and interesting.

Janice - Bexleyheath

My boyfriend took lessons with Peter and passed first time with 4 minor faults I was so determined to beat him coz he kept going on about how good a driver he was. So I contacted Peter and wow he let me drive his car on my first lesson! I was so scarred but Peter was very patient and helped me with the pedals. I soon got the hang of it tho. I would so recommend Peter as a driving instructor he’s friendly, very patient and so forgiving even when I made lots of mistakes. I passed my driving test within four months and only got 2 minor faults! My boyfriend was very quiet after that J Thanks Peter

Debbie - Bexleyheath

I was told that driving a manual car was very difficult so decided to take lessons in an automatic. I contacted Peter and he assured me that a manual car was very easy to drive once you had got the hang of the pedals, so I booked a lesson and gave it a go. It was a bit tricky at first what with steering as well but Peter helped me with the pedals and within a couple of lessons I had got the hang of it. Peter is very patient and kind he doesn’t make you feel intimidated, he explains everything in such an easy to understand way which was such a relief because there was such a lot to take in. I passed my test first time with 6 minor faults. I highly recommend Peter as a driving instructor.
Thanks Peter

Jason - Sidcup

I had been taking lessons with one of those big name schools and didn’t feel I was getting anywhere a friend at college recommended Peter. At first I didn’t believe the things he told me about him as I thought all instructors were the same but how wrong I was. Peter was very patient, calm and professional he always made the lessons interesting, he never made me feel bad even when I got things wrong (which was quite often) he simply explained it again in a different way which really helped me. I am glad I listened to my friend and contacted Peter I passed my test at the second attempt with 6 minor faults (on the first test I hit the kerb when reversing – oops) Thanks Peter I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Suzie - Welling (Kent)

What a surprise I got when I started learning to drive with Peter, I was told that driving instructors were like old headmasters who would shout at you when you did something wrong and make you feel inadequate. Peter was never like that, he was really friendly and patient and he even made me laugh a lot which helped me to relax. I thought I was the worst driver in the world because I kept making lots of mistakes but Peter reassured me that I would make fewer mistakes as I got better and he was right. I didn’t believe I would pass my test first time as my brother kept telling me I was rubbish because I was a girl but I did – yippee – I would really recommend Peter as your driving instructor he is simply the best (well to me anyway) oh and I only got 2 minor faults on my testJ

Thanks Peter MMMWWWAAA xox

Julie - Northumberland Heath

I started driving lessons on the day of my 17th birthday. I was told about Peter but I thought that was just hype and didn’t listen and went to another driving school, one of the national ones. They told me that I had to have double lessons, which cost a fortune and at times to suit the instructor (I thought I was the customer). That was no good to me as I was studying at college but I tried it anyway just in case I would work. I didn’t, so I contacted Peter explained what I had tried he just said no worries when are you available and we went from there. It wasn’t hype at all peter really is the patient, friendly professional I was told about, he booked my lessons around my college times and I passed first time! I did get lots of minors though (8).

Derek - Bexleyheath

I enjoyed my time learning with Pete as he is an excellent instructor who gives out short advices that are very useful and easy to remember. Pete also trusts his pupils to do their best and is patient with slow learners like myself. I passed my test and did Pass Plus which was very useful. I would certainly recommend Pete as your driving instructor.


I would certainly recommend Peter as your driving instructor, I tried several instructors before I met Peter and didn’t get on with them (they seemed so grumpy and expensive). I was going to give up driving because I thought it was me that was no good but a friend of mine told me about Peter. I found him to be very patient and understanding and he never made me feel silly or embarrassed. I passed my test at the second attempt (hit the kerb when reversing on first one) thank you Peter I am very grateful for all your help.



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